Log custom shopping, whole wood home four steps

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] home customization, whether for consumers or for production companies, the advantages are more obvious. The individual needs of consumers are met. Home customization is designed according to the characteristics of individual hobbies, and designs a variety of colors, styles and novelty products to meet the individual requirements of different people's furniture. It is unmatched by mass-produced mass furniture. Consumers can control the cost of furniture materials.

Home customization Because the various attribute parameters of the furniture can be customized, it is also possible to control the cost of the furniture, and feel that the cost can be reduced when the cost is too high. In addition, home-customized brands are generally looking for fixed suppliers, materials are guaranteed, and the price is relatively cheap.

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Log custom shopping, whole wood home four steps

Buy a whole wood home four steps

Step 1 collect information about the whole wood home

The so-called whole wood home refers to the interior door, cloakroom and other cabinets and sliding sill products, beds, home and related furniture are not included. The quality of the decoration of the home products must first pass the customs. If the products are used well, the consumers will have the right to speak. Therefore, it is convenient and stable to ask for a friend to ask for a snail friend. Know the installation and use of the home, and see the effect of the decoration of the friend. Secondly, consult the designers who specialize in home decoration, get useful product information from their professional and experience, and have a clear understanding of how the whole wood home is matched with the home decoration style. Now the most convenient way is to understand through the network: through the professional building materials website and forum can get a lot of information on building materials and home brands, as well as consumer experience in decoration and use; building materials company website can see the effect of the product and furniture With the effect of matching, it is possible to determine which style to choose for the home according to the style of decoration. In addition, through the network, you can understand the characteristics of different brands and compare them effectively.

Step 2: Experience the style and style of the whole wood home.

The choice of home building materials is harmonious with color, solid color, light color is warm and comfortable, such as ivory white, light green and light purple are suitable for younger style; black, pure white and metallic, modern and stylish Personality, there are certain requirements for decoration and home furnishing, you need to consult the store to buy opinions; while mixed color, dark and reddish, it is a stable and classic style, combined with European classic furniture, antique flooring is more appropriate .è´° is the style of reconciliation, so that the coordination of household items and furniture style. The lines are simple and the geometrical sense is obvious. It is suitable for matching with the straight-line strip metal sense door and the built-in sliding door. If the texture is complex, there are carved styles, etc., it is suitable to match the surface with decorative effect and ecological door and wood. The color is reddish and the cabinet is red. At this time, I found a designer to pick up the product and look at the product. I can get more favorable opinions and suggestions, and I am more targeted on what kind of products I choose.

Step 3: Rational purchase of whole wood home is not greedy and cheap

High-quality home products are guaranteed with excellent quality, so the fixed cost determines the sales price of the product. For example, the well-known brands such as Marco Polo Tiles, Living Home Flooring, and Dinggu Hardware have been used in the market for many years, and the price system is very stable. Even if the discount is made, it will be made clear to the consumers; in Wuyi and Shishi In this season, the price of these products will be about 10% better than usual, which is really affordable for consumers. However, the price of these brands is rather confusing, and the price is very high. However, they can hit a 60% discount or even a half price. During the promotion period, they can also make a discount and a gimmick. The middle of the cat is too tired to believe that consumers will understand.

Step 4 to ensure that the whole wood home is in good service

Good products are not only in the quality, but also in after-sales service. Some brands do not have a clear after-sales service system. It is just a verbal commitment of the business. Once the product has problems in use, the consumer can only take it by himself. Therefore, after confirming the products to be purchased, you must also inquire about the terms of the after-sales service of the products in detail, read the after-sales service manuals prepared by the enterprise or the merchants, and if necessary, give the after-sales service guarantee to the merchants, and keep the purchase orders for the products when receiving the goods. Warranty and other related documents, reducing their own unnecessary worries.

Buy home customization attention points

Since there is no standard for home customization, in terms of materials, environmental protection, and price, it is still based on self-consultation between manufacturers and consumers. Therefore, when purchasing home customization, consumers should consider the following aspects:

The size of the living room determines the style. The type and size of customized products should be determined according to the living room area. If the size of the house is limited, you should choose to save space, as simple as possible, and the volume should be relatively small. Pay more attention to the use of space, so that it does not appear crowded.

To be consistent with the style of decoration. Determining the home style before the decoration is very important for the purchase of furniture. The customized furniture must conform to the overall style of the decoration. If it is a Chinese-style decoration, the choice of plate-style home customization will be out of place; similarly, the modern style of the room, it is also very strange to put in a Chinese-style custom sofa.

Pay attention to the rationality of the use of furniture. When choosing home customization, the increase and decrease of all materials should conform to the design principle. Considering support, practicality, and beauty, we must not express our individuality in a wishful manner, and we must pay attention to rationality.

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