Sakura gas stove SCG6536 embedded efficient flame

The Chinese cooking method is doomed to the functional requirements of the gas stove. Of course, the gas stove in the kitchen space where most of the fry is fried must also have a large firepower. Today we will evaluate a cherry blossom gas stove SCG6536S. This gas stove has a thermal efficiency of more than 58%, which makes everyone bigger and more stable. This is the characteristic of this gas stove. Let's take a look at it below.

Sakura SCG6536S is a new high-efficiency flame embedded gas stove introduced by Sakura. Its thermal efficiency is as high as 58% or more, which makes the gas more fully used, saves energy and is more environmentally friendly, plus a new 4.2kW ​​high thermal efficiency large firepower burner design Hot stir-fry, or simmered soup, can satisfy, making cooking more handy.

Exquisite appearance subdivision stove

Sakura's SCG6536S gas stove uses a sophisticated design. The stainless steel material presents a high-quality visual effect. Compared with glass panels, stainless steel panels are also safer. There is no bursting. The overall cleanliness is always new. The panel is flattened to prevent pollution. Clean the dirt and wipe it away, greatly improving the cleaning performance.


This product adopts embedded design, the specifications are 740 * 430 * 150mm, and the digging size is slightly larger, which is 674 * 358-R45. The overall design makes it better integrate with various styles of living room design.

Two different left and right hob designs, auxiliary hob with large and small pots, respectively, to meet the use of pans and round bottoms. The matt stove uses simple geometric elements to make the whole machine graceful and rational, the material is cold-rolled steel surface black Enamel treatment, showing a high texture, and easy to use non-slip pan.


Round bottom cooker



Electronic pulse button design

Sakura SCG6536S gas stove adopts electronic pulse ignition design, with automatic delay ignition function design, which can eliminate the trouble of pressing and waiting, free your hands, the round button conforms to the ergonomic design, simple and good control, and the firepower can be adjusted at will.


Ignition button

The movable stove is easy to clean

The stove head is designed with rear air intake, which can increase the combustion performance. The refined stove head and tooth cover surface are processed with Yilong technology, which has a high texture and is not easy to discolor. It has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, etc.


The most difficult thing to clean when we clean the gas stove is the part of the stove head, but when cooking, it is inevitable to sprinkle the soup and debris on it. For this reason, this cherry stove uses a removable and easy-to-clean stove , After the stove head is easily disassembled, it can be cleaned, which is convenient to take care of.

High thermal efficiency and super firepower

The most important thing about Chinese cooking is the quick frying of hot oil. The bursting of pork loin and the bursting of mutton require high heat to complete. The thermal efficiency of Sakura SCG6536S gas stove is as high as 58% or more, which can ensure the full use of gas. Combined with 4.2kW ​​high heat efficiency The burner design meets your cooking enjoyment, and the size of the firepower can be adjusted at will. When we need the simmering soup, it can be stable even when it is turned on to a small fire, making your cooking more handy and at the same time saving Energy is more environmentally friendly.

Close-up of stove interior


Close-up of stove interior

Evaluation summary:

Sakura gas stove SCG6536S has an exquisite and elegant appearance, with a thermal efficiency of up to 58% or more, plus a 4.2kW ​​high-heat efficiency large firepower burner design, which can also meet the fire and stir-fry and simmering soup. The delicate stove is resistant to corrosion and does not fade. The stove rack is designed to place pans and round pans separately. It is non-slip and easy to use, allowing you to enjoy your cooking time.

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