GammaTag 500: Brand New Under Gamma Ray Labels

AdvantaPure, a manufacturer of high purity products for the medical industry, proudly announced the addition of a new breed of RFID tags specifically designed to withstand gamma irradiation. The commercial name of the new label product is the GammaTag500, which is particularly suitable for applications where high-volume items are repeatedly sterilized by gamma radiation. Therefore, GammaTag500 is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, medical devices, doctor's coat, and the supply of cleaning products.

The original GammaTag label product is a key product used as a disposable device for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology industry. This is a readable and writable tag used to identify, record, and access the current state of contaminated devices. Product information such as production date, part number, lot number, gamma sterilization date, and other important information can be written to or read from the tag's memory.

Unlike the original GammaTag tag, the GammaTag 500 tag can be repeatedly subjected to gamma radiation and keep data from being lost. The common radiation dose is 25 kGy (thousands of Ge), and the cumulative dose is at least 500 kilos. This tag has a 4mm x 52mm form factor and is the smallest RFID tag on the market. Read-only tags use the world-wide 2.45GHz radio frequency, which can be supplied on-chip or packaged into a variety of label products.

GammaTag500 tag is especially suitable for identification of large quantities of articles, such as the supply of sterile articles (such as medical coats, cleaning tools, instruments, etc.); medical devices such as plastic surgery, surgical instruments, pharmaceutical containers, and equipment used in biotechnology, especially those that need Repeated use of gamma-ray sterilized items multiple times. Due to the obvious cost advantage of the GammaTag 500 tag, item-level tagging applications are possible.

AdvantaPure can also provide RFID readers, other types of GammaTag tags (such as tags that can be mounted on metal objects, in-line tags), and software and anti-gamma ray technology services. The company's products include silicone rubber tubing, hoses, manifolds, biological grade pipes, fluorescent plastic tubes, sanitary appliances and container sealing systems.

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