Goose's fingerprint

Goose's fingerprint
Goose's fingerprint

  Flocking hanger is made of ABS plastic and velvet. It has smooth surface, comfortable handle, good flexibility, flexibility, elasticity, brilliant color and novel style. The elegance and colorful outside of the plush make the flocking hanger fashionable and high-end, full of aesthetic art elements.
  Our flocking hanger is small, so it can save a lot of space for your wardrobe and make full use of your wardrobe. Humanized design can prevent clothes from deforming and producing traces. You don't have to worry that the collar of clothes will get bigger.
  Our bulk purchase policy enables us to simplify the process of purchasing hangers from you, thereby reducing our costs, which we will pass on to you. Whether you want to buy any material, shape, color hangers, we can help you solve.
  We provide velvet hangers, velvet shirt hangers, velvet trousers hangers, velvet children's hangers.

ABS Velvet Hanger

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